Frequently Asked Questions

There are NO fees to the customer when you use your credit/debit card.

When you use the credit card machines located in the bays and at the vacuums, there is an initial $10 hold put on the card by the credit card processor but this hold is temporary and corrects to the actual dollar amount when the transaction has processed (1-2 days).

We accept most major credit cards:

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TOKENS ARE SAFER. Over the years quarters, and more recently $1 coins, were used to pay for all services. Now we use tokens to deter the possibility of break-ins and to maintain a safer environment at all locations.

We offer bulk tokens at a discount rate. See our Loyalty Program for details.

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The five minute wash (5 tokens) is designed to strike a balance between those who want a cost effective quick wash and those that want a more thorough car wash. Five minutes is plenty of time for folks who want to wash down their car and hit the road.

A more detailed cleaning including the foaming brush is certainly possible in four minutes, but you will need to be efficient about it. Add 1-2 additional tokens, and you should have plenty of time for a complete wash.

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The Value Bay is designed to give folks the best value for their money. Customers get increased time cleaning their vehicle–for 6 tokens you receive 10 minutes of wash time. At a value of 100 seconds per token, you get great deal and what seems like an endless amount of time to clean your car!

Check out the Value Bay at these locations:

El Cerrito – San Pablo @ Sutter »
Berkeley – San Pablo @ Dwight »
Pinole – San Pablo @ 5th Ave »

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Our Promise

The Solar Car Wash is a family owned business and we take tremendous pride in supporting our customers.

If you have a problem with your wash experience please contact us and we will make it right.

We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve our services, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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